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Tempest - Lorelei

Farewell, Adieu, Au Revoir

   Today I am moving out of my dorm and back home. I'm chomping at the bits for my mum and step-dad to get here with boxes. I have mostly everything packed away so there will be little work to be done. I just want out of here and back in my own room. I will be without the net for about a month, or at least until I get to England, so posting here will be scarce or nonexistent. But all the same I will be working during this time. Heaven knows I need the money.

  In other news, since I will be traveling abroad for two months this summer I decided to create a travel blog. I won't be updating it any until I am in England, but I thought I would go ahead and post the link here. :)

  I'm still trying to work out a few kinks on it until I am happy with the way it is set up. And I could use a good creative title instead of "The Adventures of  a Pirate". But I am a pirate...I'm going to be boarding Lord Nelson's ship...perhaps I should just stick with that. :D The only downside is I know other people, who don't know the extent of my affiliation with pirates, will be reading it and I am sure they will raise an eyebrow. But who cares. That's me.

  I also decided a Flickr account to host the numerous photos I will be taking so I can share it with others. Granted it will be directly linked to my travel blog I thought I would still provide the website here as well.


  Still trying to work out kinks on this site as well. (More like trying to learn how to use it.) Just excuse the one picture I already have posted. I was making sure the silly thing worked.

  Well, that is all for now. I will see the lot of you on the other side of the pond. :)


Take care, sweetie. I am very much looking forward to hearing of your travels.